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Since 2003, we have operated the Singapore Legal Clinic service at our office mainly for potential divorce clients, who are unsure of their legal position and wishes to seek initial legal advice from our lawyers on the various legal issues faced by them.

Like visiting a doctor, a consultation fee is paid at the end of the consultation with our lawyer at our office, usually based on time-scale charges. Singapore Legal Clinic is strictly by appointment basis.

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Legal Consultation Fees

Consultation fees for Singapore Legal Clinic range from S$100.00 for each 15 minutes’ block (or any part thereof) (the “Rate”) (subject to a minimum consultation fee of $100.00). However, if we are engaged for the specific matter (eg. Divorce, Adoption), the consultation fee paid for the Singapore Legal Clinic session may be credited to the client’s account, and forms part of the quoted fee. Kindly note that our Legal Clinic fees differ from our Lawyers’ hourly rate, which is higher than $400. Usually, our Legal Clinic session does not exceed 1 hour.

Legal Clinic Fees

  • Up to 15 mins – $100
  • 16 mins to 30 mins – $200
  • 31 mins to 45 mins – $300
  • 46 mins to 1 hour – $400

Third Party Legal Verification Fees

Types of Verification

  • Third Party Verification Request on Document
  • Opinion on Legal Documents

If you are a third party (not our client) (“3rd Party“), eg. a  Singapore Bank, UK Bank, or Foreign Law Firm, who has received legal documents prepared and/or witnessed by our Lawyers, and wish to:

  • verify our engagement
  • verify the authenticity of document
  • request for our opinion (legal or otherwise) on the document
  • request for our comments
  • other related or similar matter

legal fees are chargeable at the rate of $100 per 15 mins or any part thereof. Payment shall be made in advance.

Examples of Request

  • Verification off Power of Attorney signed before our Lawyer
  • Opinion on signed Deed Poll
  • Opinion on Powers given in Power of Attorney

The above are some examples. For Third Party Verification for Notary Public Services, please visit our Notary Public page.

Why We Charge

As the legal document is self-explanatory, you should be able to construe the contents accordingly. By requesting for verification or opinion, this will incur time for our staff and/or Lawyer who will need to response to the queries for legal work already done, and sometimes, provide legal opinion.

In this respect, unless you are prepared to engage our services, you are advised to construe the legal document yourself, especially if the request is from a law firm or Bank with in-house legal counsels.

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